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Bootcamp Webinars

Join Ernie Svenson & other nationally recognized experts for a weekly series of 30-minute trainings so you start to improve your law practice IMMEDIATELY.

Learn how to get...

—More streamlined document processes (i.e. better systems)

—Less email overload, faster responses (via simple automation)

—More document automation in general

—Less paper and less disorganization and chaos

—More clients (great ones, not just anything that walks in the door)

—Less overhead & fewer worries

—More protection against hackers and data loss

—Less vulnerability to disasters & social disruption (e.g. flu pandemics)
—More ability to work remotely and collaborate virtually, and generally…

—A clear roadmap for simplifying, automating and outsourcing your workflows.

These webinars are being offered as part of the Small Firm Bootcamp conference that will take place in New Orleans on May 7th & 8th, 2020. You do NOT need to register for the Bootcamp to attend the free weekly webinars.

But if you do register for the Small Firm Bootcamp, you'll get immediate access to:

And in case you're wondering...

How the current global virus crisis will affect the Bootcamp?

Short answer: it won’t affect it much because the event will happen no matter what.

As of this moment, we are still planning to hold the live sessions in New Orleans, and live-stream those to anyone who wants to participate remotely (we’ll provide recordings of the live streams after the event is over). And if for any reason, we can NOT do the live sessions in the hotel…

We’ll just shift to completely virtual programming via GoToWebinar sessions all day on May 7th and 8th. And those sessions will be recorded as well.

Presented by

Ernie Svenson

March 27, 2020
12:00pm Central Time

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